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Is Kratom Beneficial? Is it Legal? Kratom is a product of Southeast Asian countries. Native to these countries is the tropical tree Kratom. This herb was used by the people of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia for helping them endure manual labor. Today, Kratom is fast becoming popular in the West. There are many internet retailers who are selling this herb as a “legal high.” While it gives users that “high” feeling, Kratom has also many medicinal benefits including treating difficult to manage conditions. Kratom acts like a stimulant if low doses of it are taken. Taking Kratom will give your body extra energy and endurance. Taking in high doses is like taking in opium and you feel sedated, nauseous, and euphoric. Its effects have similarities which opiate analgesics like morphine and codeine. You can be intoxicated with Kratom and you can be addicted to it as in opium but in less intense ways.

The side effects of Kratom are itchiness and constipation. To take Kratom you can take in a whole leaf, a crushed leaf, or take Kratom in powdered form. Powdered Kratom has the greatest effect for the minimum amount of effort. You consume Kratom by simply swallowing the dry power. Dry powder can be swallowed with a bit of water in your mouth. You will not be able to taste the dry powder if you do it correctly. You can also take Kratom as a tea by simmering it in boiling water. You shouldn’t throw the plant material when you drink the tea; it has to be taken with the tea. Drinking Kratom tea will quicken the onset of its effects and prolongs its duration.

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One of the benefits of Kratom is to treat severe diarrhea as it functions like Loperamide. Opiate withdrawal is being remedied by using Kratom. Kratom is said to be able to replace addiction to opium and for opium and heroin addicts who are experiencing withdrawal symptoms, Kratom provides relief. It has been found by many addicts as useful to transfer their addiction to Kratom before quitting drugs entirely.

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Kratom can also be used as an alternative to morphine and other opiate analgesics for moderate to severe pain. Chronic back pain can also be treated using Kratom. It is beneficial to health because it has antioxidant properties. If you consume whole leaves, and then it adds fibers to your digestive system. The United States, Canada and some other countries consider Kratom as legal. However, it is illegal to possess or sell it in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Australia. Kratom is legally produced and used in Indonesia, the supplier of Western countries. However, the U.S. FDA and some agencies in Canada have not approved it for human consumption and thus is not marketed in large scale. Check out the internet for Kratom retailers or Kratom growers, if you are looking for sources.